5 tips for glamourous look


Men don’t have quite so diverse an arsenal at their disposal as women, but for two decades, they’ve been equallyconcerned with this aspect of body care and appearance. Advice for glamorous looks for men may be simpler :

1. Choice of perfume – fresh and floral scents are more appropriate for daytime and the casual style

2. Another type of lustre -  beards have absolutely been trending among men. However, it’s not enough just to have one. Beard care means taking care of its shape, length and, in some cases, colour. A glamourous look involves a mild shine achieved with oils or wax.

3. Hair – shape, length, choice of hair product. In the context of glamour,a male hairstyle should comprise just a touch of emphasis, to distinguish the shape. The choice of product, whether matte or glossy,will depend on the overall style.

4. Well-tended hands – are generally an important element when it comes to making impressions, and in the context of a glamorous look,they can easily ruin the entire concept. Polished fingernails of equal shape are a must.

5. Gentle corrections to the shape of eyebrows or moustache are inconspicuous but emphasize the glamour of the overall look.

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