The claim that any button down shirt can be worn at every opportunity is a myth. Today, as formal, elegant and solemn style are on the rise once again, the cufflinks are again returning to the stage, allowing a man to show off his style and demonstrate his attitude subtly.

In determining for which opportunity the shirt is appropriate, the cuff is playing one of the main roles. The most common type of cuff that comes to mind is barrel cuff, with one to three buttons, with cuff being more formal as the number of buttons grows. Note that this refers to the buttons that are positioned vertically on the wrist, unlike the buttons that are horizontally next to each other. In that case, the extra button is usually a sign of cheaper shirt, rather than more formal. If you really want a formal shirt, you should choose a shirt with a French cuff. They are more elegant and larger than ordinary cuffs. If barrel cuffs are about functionality, the French cuff is more elegant, thanks to the added layer of material folded back and decorative buttons that should hold that layer in place. They are also more formal. 


The last step when choosing appropriate cuff is deciding on its edges, which can be squared, a rounded, or a mitered (at an angle of 45 degrees). The decision is basically just a matter of personal choice, although some argue that the mitered cuff makes the barrel one a little more elegant. Whichever shape you choose, follow a simple rule: your cuff should be firmly on the wrist so that you cannot draw your hand through them when they are buttoned. Otherwise, they (and probably sleeves) are too wide for you and no pearly or silver decorative button can help you.

Author of text: Apelic Saska

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