Fashion mistakes most comonly made by man


Getting carefully dressed for both occasions, business or formal is becoming a regular part in every men’s life, and if he is skilled in that, it makes a huge improvement in his long-term work assessments, perception that his colleagues are having on him, alongside with the increasing chances to get the promotion or a job he’s having an interview for. Proper skills of knowing how to dress yourself is unfortunately one of a bit marginalized parts of life which some are just skipping over, observing it as an irrelevant, but psychological researches are making a different statement. 

Moccasins with suit

Let’s face it, shoes are the most important part of our wardrobe. They are the first touch to the ground and they are suffering consequences during the entire day. Not even a single piece of clothes or accessories can improve and upgrade the entire look as a good pair of shoes can. Many young men these days cannot afford themselves a good pair of quality shoes but if something is worth investing for it certainly is that pair of shoes. Even a cheap suit combined with a good pair of shoes will always look way much better than a nice tailored suit combined with cheap shoes. And why is that so? One of the reasons is that people can see more easily the quality of leather, than a quality of fabrics like wool for example. So if you plan to wear moccasins paired with suit, make sure that it can be more appropriate in casual situations. It’s a simple and common rule that in both, business or formal occasions shoes with laces are must. 

Wearing a tie in a lighter shade than a shirt

It’s a rule that a tie should always be in a lighter shade than your shirt in both formal and business surrounding. What you wear in the club is a different story and therefore it has different criteria. A shirt can never be the same shade as a tie, stripes included. Although you may think that your shirt and tie go along, the reason you actually are wearing a tie is to create a visually interesting stripe in order to break a colour block made by your very shirt and a jacket suit, which can be ideal if both generates from the same colour palette so the balance can be created. By choosing a tie in lighter shade than your shirt all you do is destroying a colour balance. And trust me, last thing you want to do is to choose a tie in a lighter shade than your suit is because that can only ruin the complete visual effect. Same goes for choosing the right tie in almost the same colour as your suit is.

Wearing socks in inappropriate colours

White socks and a suit, a rookie mistake.

Wearing white socks with a suit can give an impression that you don’t actually know what you’re doing which can send a message to your future employee that you may not be able to do the job properly if you don’t know how to dress yourself properly according to basic rules. Wearing a right pair of socks is much more important than you think!

Tying a knot on a tie of inappropriate size

Make sure that your tie is in four folded knot for fitting the collars of smaller size or half and even full-windsor for wider size collars. A knot of an inappropriate size, either too big or too small will make your neck look in a wrong proportion which will give a wrong overall impression on an entire combination. 

Not removing a label from a suit (suit sleeves)

This is characteristic for younger men, mostly because they crave to show the label of their designer’s suit.

You will find such label stitched on the left sleeve on most suit jackets. The label should be removed after you buy a suit and it has only sales or inventory purpose.

By not removing the label from the sleeve you will most certainly look as an idiot. 

Author of text: Apelic Saska

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