How to find the best fit - choosing the right pants for 4 types of male figures


Athletic type

Slim waist, muscular legs and buttocks - if you have recognized this issue, we congratulate you for the great effort in the gym, and all your body crustaceans will be highlighted in pants of narrow socks, lower waist and smaller back pockets that will emphasize your trained butt .

A thinner type

Ideal pants are for you the flat cut socks, which must not be too narrow, so that the legs do not work "sturdy". However, they should not be too hot because you will be lost in them. This figure corresponds most to the lower waist, otherwise the higher waist model will make your butt look tighter.

A man with wider hips

If your hips are slightly wider, no panic, well-chosen pants can hide it. The most important thing is that your sock is equal to the width from side to side. For you, there are no models of tight socks. rather try straight, sock socks, and maybe even your trousers will be larger than what you normally wear to be full of hits.

 A man stronger constitution

A little tummy can be sexy, but it does not really have to overestimate the choice of clothing. You will have to flatter pants of a wide sock and high waist that will visually stretch the middle part of your body, including the guard and the hips. Do not wear tight cuts, a slightly wider model of flat socks is the ideal choice for your material.

Author of text: Apelic Saska

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