Russian collar and men's shirts


The specific Russian collar, as you may already know, in some cultures is also called the Korean collar. It is characterized by a distinctive collar, which, above all, bears a contemporary interpretation related to Eastern countries. It was often worn by the emperors of ancient China as well. Basically, it is usually a collar with 2cm to 5cm height and it is understood that it will not be curled.


Today, this collar, which retains its eastern origins, which is characteristic for China, but also for Nepal, Bangladesh, India and of course Russia, as previously mentioned, is worn on occasions that may have a touch of ethnic, informal but always sophisticated atmosphere within. They can literary fit any context where an original combination is expected, and which is not too narrowly related to current trends and tendencies.


This collar is the best choice to all those who don’t want to wear a tie because, due to its specificity, it excludes any combination which includes wearing a tie. That is why it is suitable for all those occasions that are not explicitly formal, or for all those men who would like to add a little personal touch to their fashion style, for example by matching a Russian collar shirt with a classic suit.


As for the colors and materials it is most frequently made, it can be found mostly in white, and it is made of silk, cotton or linen. All in all, it is usually made of lightweight materials. All neutral colors come to mind, and for the bravest ones, some vibrant colors or prints may be included as well.

Author of text: Apelic Saska

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