Marina Mićanović


Tell us about the start of your fashion career?

Well, everything started after I graduated on Accademia del Lusso and had my first fashion line presented on Belgrade Fashion Week. Shortly after I created the brand Tango natural fashion, in collaboration with institute Tango Natural, where I made my first dance steps, where I meet a lot of friends

For my designs, I need people around me who will inspire me enough to create, and where I will get new ideas and visions. I definetly got them on tango events from dancers and music, lights and movements...that was my first line for tango.

I didn’t have any expectations but I was so enjoying the creative process, from drawing to the moment when the clothing was made. It’s amazing when you have a picture of the design as vision and when you make the same thing in real life. All came from pure intuitive pictures and all came from emotion. Then I understood that I create all that I have inside. In the beginning, I was afraid to let myself do even crazier project, but now I don’t have that feeling of restriction anymore, because I know that my design point is right there, in authentic, unique, and style. Even though my designs have clear and more minimalistic lines now.

What is your latest collection’s concept?

My latest concept is the Ukiyo bag collection. This bag I designed 2015, but now it came the time to present it. The bag has a very interesting concept and it is minimalisticly designed but has a multifunctional purpose. This collection I have presented on International Digital Fashion Week, organized for the first time this year. Today we have that option,but we will see what happens in the future.

This bag is perfect for this new age, and lifestyle, which Ukiyo describes it very well!

What inspires you the most?

People, lifestyle, traveling, peace, my dreams that drive me constantly...

What is the future of fashion according to you?

Well, a lot of changes we can see and feel right now. But fashion is not just clothing it is in a way a life! So, lifestyle is not the same anymore and at the same time there are new trends and the future is every present moment I would say...

What is the one thing that makes your fashion brand different from others?

I don’t copy anyone, I have always my own ideas and visions.

What is your next project?

I have something big in my mind, but for now, I prefer to keep it, just to be sure I'm on the right path and that will take some time to make it happen. But for sure, I had dream of new bag designs! 

Author of text: Denic Saska

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